Bellyup is a white-gray lizard/dog-like experiment with huge bat-like ears, sharp teeth, stubby arms, vaccum clawed feet and a long anchor-like tail. Puts poor insects with their belly up so they cannot move. After a string of mostly mysterious failures Jumba was getting annoyed. He decided that his next experiment would target important deliveries and stop them reaching their destinations on time, by launching itself in front of the vehicle and then ‘ playing possum ’ once hit. Experiment 449 was tough, indestructible and had a lot of adaptations to stop him getting seriously hurt (Vacuum clawed feet and an anchor-like tail). After creating 449 (with stubby arms, as they were a bit of an afterthought) Jumba sent him out to stop a delivery of aid to a planet. After watching 449 repeatedly slow down the delivery Jumba declared 449 a success. However by the time he is on Earth Jumba has realised that 449 has a peculiar attention-seeking character, which leads him to throw himself in front of whatever traffic there is, just to get sympathy. As such he has downgraded 449 to an ‘almost success’.

Lilo names 449 ‘Bellyup’ as that is the position he is in when he plays possum after being hit. His one true place is as a test dummy for car braking tests (he will step out in front of a car, and it doesn’t matter if the car’s brakes fail, as he is never seriously injured).

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