612 Blandzilla
Designed to terrorize cities and now, stars as a Movie Monster.


A red dinosaur like-experiment with a giraffe-like neck, an alligator-like tail, round spikes on his back and two spines on the back of his head. He is the same sizes as Shortstuff (297). In fact, he and Shortstuff (297), starred in their own movie once in Hollywood called "Blandzilla vs the Technomonster".


Before 626's creation, Jumba Jookiba wanted a experiment to destroy cities and immunize many weapon assaults. But, due to his enormous size, he went on a rampage and Jumba dehydrated him into a pod.

A few years later, he was activated and led by Dr.Hämsterviel towards Japan and planning. Lilo and Stitch stop him from leaving the island with Shortstuff's help, they battle each other and fiinally defeated by Shortstuff with Stitch's assistances. Lilo dubb him the name "Blandzilla" because he has a "Bland" expression and "Zilla" for being taller than Shortstuff. Then, a film director Tom Yuki was on vaction until seeing the two kaijus battling each others and giving Blandzilla to have his own film series. In Hollyood, he invites his "Ohana" to his movie debute called "Blandzillia" and Tom tells Lilo the sequel will him battling Shortstuff because he wants a rematch.


  • Blandzilla is homage of Godzilla and Tom Yuki is the homage of Tomoyuki Tanaka, creator of Godzilla.
  • He and Shortstuff are rivals.   

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