Vital statistics
Title experiment 029
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to make its wearer a supreme ruler
Health normal
Level ...
Status good
Location once he became reprogrammed, is like a crown of decoration for luaus certain.
Checkers is a yellow and purple centipede-like experiment that sits curled up like a crown on people's heads. Designed to make his wearer a king or queen by hypnotizing those around them, with the exception of other experiments. The victims retain their normal personality while under its control, and the effect immediately wears off once Checkers is removed. Lilo first donned him, but her good intentions got many people arrested by Mertle for being "troublemakers" when they accidentally disobeyed Lilo's rules. When Lilo decided to step down, Gantu took Checkers and was in power until Stitch gathered several experiments to help overthrow him. He was voiced by Billy West.

In Stitch! Stitch tried to be King, but failed apparantly due to his immunity to Checker's effect, but then Rueban took him, and succeeded in making Gantu and Hamsterviel his loyal subjects.


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