A tall blue experiment with Barbie-like color and shape, short pink antennae on her head and straight blond hair, orange stripes on her belly and red feet with yellow raindrops on it. Designed to cry, until she makes a flood. She fell in love with Sounder (109) and was activated the same time as he did. She trick by Dr. Hamsterviel that he would love her because she is a crybaby (got her name by him and Pleakley.) She was used to flood the town by Gantu.She stop crying from listening Sounder's singing and dance with him. After, he dance and sing for her, it turn that she can sing beautifully and control the flood, which she use it on Gantu.She sing her song telling Sounder that how she feel about him. Her one true place is being Sounder's wife.Crybaby never since (only in joy) and Jumba called her "Clingy girlfriend. But, very kind."
300px-Experiment Alice

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