Dr.Hamsterviel is the main antagonist in the the Lilo And Stitch Series.His real name is Rupert,as stated in one of the Lilo And Stitch Series episodes.He also refers himself to a hamster even though he's a gerbil.His assistant is Gantu,whom Gantu despises much.In the Series and Movies,he's seen set in prison,yet to communicate to Gantu(or anyone in that matter),he uses a T.V thing.In Leroy and Stitch,he forced Jumba Jookiba to design yet another experiment,yet it will be set in Hamsterviels force.He then clones Leroy to set an army in order to defeat the other experiments so that he can turn them evil again.This fails,putting Hamsterviel back in prison along with Leroy and his clones.

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