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Hiroman (named Takumi in the original Japanese version) is a boy from Okinawa New Town introduced in the third season.


A popular soccer player, and love interest of Reika/Jessica, he often acts cool and calm. He bears a secret of acting as a maid to his sisters, and even dressing up in bishoujo-styled outfits for his sisters' enjoyment, so he lives a life similar to Yuna's, as Yuna is often bullied and forced to do chores by her cousin Zuruko/Tigerlily. His name is obviously a play on "hero man." It is hinted that he and Yuna have feelings for each other since Yuna often saves him from trouble; in the episode "Dorkifier", it was shown that Yuna blushed at him.

He is voiced by Sam Riegel  in the English dub version.

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