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Dr. Rupert Jacques von Hämsterviel (better known as "Dr. Hämsterviel") was the main antagonist. of the series; he was seen in Lilo & Stitch as the main villain, and in Lilo & Stitch: The Series as the main antagonist. He wants to break out of prison and take over the Galactic Alliance.

In the 1st film, when Pleakley and the Grand Councilwoman boarded the elevator to Jumba's prison cell, one of the cells appeared to contain Hämsterviel (thus giving him a cameo appearance).

Dr. Hämsterviel is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.
Dr. Von

Dr. Hamsterviel


Hämsterviel was a partner to Jumba. While Jumba created experiments, Hämsterviel would use his funding with shady businesses. However, over the 25 years of working with him, Hamsterviel always cheated, embarrased and stole from Jumba, and eventually, their partnership ended. Hämsterviel was arrested by the Galactic Federation and Gantu was hired to capture the experiments and transport them to him. Gantu would fail on many occasions, and Hämsterviel would angrily yell at him. On some occasions, he fired him only to rehire him again because all other attempts to find a new henchman ended in failure. In Leroy and Stitch, Gantu broke Hämsterviel out of prison and they went to Jumba's lab to force him to create a red version of Stitch named Leroy. After his latest prison breakout he later landed in Manhattan to infiltrate the Men in Black headquarters and get rid of both the Pelekai family and the MIB since the latter arrested him during the late 90s. He had made clones of Leroy only for them to be blasted and resulting him him being blasted and killed by the MIB and Stitch and his Ohana. 

Films he appeared in:

Lilo and Stitch (cameo)

Stitch! the Movie

Leroy and Stitch

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Men in Black: The Ohana Syndrome


I am not gerbil-like! I am hamster-like! 

Hamsterviel! It is Hamsterviel! 


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