Maurice LaMarche is a Guest Star as the voice of Hammerface (Hammerhead).

He's the recurring guest star from The Simpsons.

His other roles include The Brain on Pinky and the Brain, Egon Spangler on The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters, Kiff Kroker and other voices on Futurama, Blue Falcon on Harvey Birdman, Big Bob Pataki on Hey Arnold, Grumpy on The 7D, Longhorn on Freakazoid, Reverand Thompson on King of the Hill, Chuck Pearson on Pepper Ann and Jeremy Hawke on The Critic just to name a few



  • "Brainstem" with Rob Paulsen from Pinky and the Brain in 1995
  • "A Meticulous Analysis of History" with Rob Paulsen from Pinky and the Brain in 1997
  • "Scarborough Fair" from Futurama in 2001

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