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Vital statistics
Title experiment 228
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function Designed to melt enemy fortresses
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location Burning a metal recycling plant

Physical Appearance

Melty (Experiment 228) is a tall red dragon-like experiment with small bat-like wings, a reptilian head with thin pointed ears, black eyes and a thin body.

Primary Function

He is designed to melt enemy fortresses, weapons, and transportation, among other things, with the bright blue flames from his mouth.


  • Trapping him in an unmeltable container.


  1. Lilo and Stitch: The Series: Season 1, Episode 22 (as the primary new cousin)
  2. Leroy and Stitch (at the staduim after being captured by Leroy)


Voiced by Tress MacNeille, he makes a series of groggy sounds. It is unknown if he is speech capable.

One True Place

His one true place is burning metal at the recycling plant.


  • He was activated in a dog's water dish in a residental household.

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