!A light purple plump teddy bear-like experiment with no nose, large ears and eyes and 4 spikes running down her back. Designed to turn you into a toy. She acts cute and charming. Can become completely inanimate at will to keep up the "plush toy" ruse. Plushy was activated prior to the start of the episode. Lilo and Stitch were struggling to catch him before Gantu did, but failed when Lilo fell and broke her leg. In order to cheer Lilo up, Stitch used 10x's powers to break into Gantu's ship and rescue Plushy. Stitch then gave Plushy to Lilo as a present, but when Jumba told them what his primary function was, Stitch immediately grabbed it back. Plushy is later temporarily given to Mertle as revenge for writing mean things on Lilo's cast.

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