Pudge the fish

Pudge is a fish that lives in Kaua'i's beach.  He is one of Lilo's not many nonalien friends.  Lilo also claims that Pudge can predict the weather.  Lilo also says that he like peanut butter and jelly sandwhices.


  • Lilo and Stitch - during the beginning and the cause of Lilo being late to hula practice and getting in trouble
  • Ploot - Lilo wants to clean the ocean espcially for Pudge

Deleted Scene

In the first Lilo & Stitch movie. There was a deleted scene where Lilo allows Stitch to meet Pudge. Unfortunately things go bad and a flock of segulls attack pudge as Lilo desperately tries to shoo them off, screaming as Stitch for help. Stitch in turn merely sits and laughs.

Afterwards, Lilo is left holding the lifeless body of Pudge and burries him on the beach next to her parrent's graves. Finally realizing what he had done, Stitch runs off to hide and cry. Lilo follows and comforts him now that he finally understands the concept of loss and death.

Though it is obvious that this scene was deleted due to it's dark nature, many agree that a scene like this is just what the movie needed. Whether or not it would ruin the movie's innocence is a question that still remains. Regardless, this scene is not currently canon, so many fans can relax knowing that pudge remains alive in the official storyline.

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