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Vital statistics
Title experiment 258
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function Designed to annoy enemies by looping random sounds
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location is providing backbeats for an originally rhythm less musical group

Sample (Experiment 258) is a bright orange koala-like experiment with a wide mouth, a big round nose which functions as a microphone, black pupil-less eyes, and big round ears resembling speakers. Designed to annoy enemies by looping random sounds with his mouth or his ears and can also climb walls. His one true place is providing backbeats for an originally rhythm-less musical group.

He has never talked but he can understand humans hinting he may only be able to speak using the sounds he hears.

Sample helped Lilo, Stitch, Clyde, Bonnie, Sparky and Finder rescue Angel, Slimy, Felix, Fibber, Fudgy, Plasmoid, Hammerface, Hunkahunka, Threasher, Heat, Zap, Tickle Tummy, Poxy, Nosy, and Tank.

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