NOTE: The following is of fan made content and is not true to the original Lilo & Stitch storyline

Basic Info

E h c 02 sapphire by phendraguardian-d4otbeb

E.H.C. 02 aka Sapphire


E.H.C.N. (experimental heroic comrade number): 02

Pod Colour: black, (see image)

Voiced by: Elena Alaxandra Apostoleanu

Sapphire icon

Sapphire Icon

A surprisingly different experiment from well... all the rest; Sapphire holds the appearance of a blue and cyan aquatic serpent with zero traces of fur or scales whatsoever. Her features include: two large horns, two fins, two head fins, one multicoloured tailfin, a cyan diamond pattern lining her back, a diamond with four triangles as a symbol placed between her eyes, sharp, blue/violet reptilian eyes, and a toothless mouth.

Prefered Instrument: Violin / Fiddle


Sapphire was created on day eleven of the two weeks Zero spent creating the E.H.C.’s; and was assigned to be in charge of monitoring the island’s secret security system until the last member of the team was created. As long as they had Sapphire, the team's defences would be impenetrable.


Force field: Projects multiple force fields of varying sizes, shapes, and forms.

Mood: Controls the moods of others.

Dilution: Removes all a target's senses.

State Change: Can change to a liquid, form.

Catalyst: When submerged in water, all her abilities are amplified.


None known other than the fact that her horns tend to get in the way when in confined spaces and are quite easily able to get stuck after puncturing a solid object.


Not only is Sapphire the most different from the others by her appearance, but also her personality. She is a kind spirited, calm character that would rather meditate by the seaside than throw a wild party, and is very respectful of her natural surroundings. Though, like Scarlet, she does question their leader’s intentions of hiding.


  • -Meditating
  • -Swimming
  • -Sleeping
  • -Observing
  • -Nature
  • -Trance music
  • -The sea
  • -Country living
  • -Space


  • -Loud music
  • -Wild parties
  • -Extreme sports
  • -Crazy adventures
  • -Eating meat products
  • -City life


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