297 Shortstuff
297 Shortstuff
Vital statistics
Title experiment 297
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function Designed to destroy machinery by going inside and cutting the mechanism and electrical wiring
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location at amusement park
Designed to destroy machinery by going inside and cutting the mechanism and electrical wiring. His one true place is as an amusement park ride. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.


A red-orange crab-like experiment with four arms and claws, four legs, dark blue eyes and two antennae on his head, able to swivel at the waist more than 360°.

His size was greatly increased by accident, thanks to Jumba's shrink ray and about (200 feet.) After his defeat with 626, he is granted to be his large size as long he is good and enjoys working as amusement park ride.

Hearing of strange monster attacks, he confronts 612 and both each others. While trying to save and protect the people, 612 keeps on attacking him and closing in for the win. 612 is interupted by Stitch, he subdue 612 to the ground and Dr.Hämsterviel leaves 612 behind. After 612 is discovered by Hollywood director Tom Yuki, he too was invited along with Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakey and his other cousins watching the newest film "Blandzilla". Offer to be in the film sequel and agreing to be in it. If he and Blandzilla are allowed to fight for a remach. 


  • He is the few giant experiments in the series along with Blandzilla and Sprout. Despite he was once small and short in height, 
  • He doesn't like Blandzilla and consider rivals. 

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