250px-523 Slushy
Vital statistics
Title experiment 523
Gender male
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to make ice and snowstorms
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location His place is making a real Shave Ice.
This small icy blue-colored seal/penguin/koala-like creature with no ears, small arms and legs, a thin mouth, a large nose, dark blue eyes and three icicles behind his head can freeze land with his breath, generate ice, and also break apart into bits of ice and return to its original form. 523 chills the weather in Lilo's town during a very hot day. He makes it so cold that it starts to snow. Slushy also battles with Splodyhead (619). Splodyhead wins and restores the warm climate of the island. Slushy finds his one true place at the ice cream shop creating shaved-ice. In the episode Snafu, he is shown at the Shave-Ice stall working with Experiment 344 'Dupe'.



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