Vital statistics
Title experiment 249
Gender female
Race genetic experiment
Function designed to cast stones
Health normal
Level ....
Status good
Location helping people reach high places
A dark blue and white roughly koala-like experiment with a spring-like body, a wide mouth, round nose, dark eyes, two little ears and little antennae. Designed to launch boulders. Her one true place is helping people reach high places.


Sproing was born in late 2007.

Joining Leroy Einstein

Sproing appeared in [Van Gogh|Baby Van Gogh] and [Animals|Neighborhood Animals], for two scenes.

The First scene, The Yellow section, was when she played under yellow streamers with 626 Stitch Clark.

  1. The second scene, The Purple Section, was when she played bubbles with Stitch's sister, 624 Angel Clark. they also wore butterfly bonnets of deep purple. She was 3 years old when she appeared Baby Einstein.
  2. Mia can talk.

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