In the Sydney, Australia, news reporter Angel covers the reports and rumors of a mysterious 'Hot Killers,' a gang of motorcyle-riding alien poachers that is plaguing the city. In the Australian Outback, Angel continues to cover news of the poachers, and later befriends a baby circus elephant (whom Angel names "Tusky"), and discovers a large egg, which hatches and reveals a baby Tyrannosaurus (whom Angel names "Rexy"). Later, Angel, and Tusky are captured in an animal trap set by Dragon McDundee, and his gang of Hot Killers. When McDundee finds one of the dinosaur eggshells in her purse he is instantly overcome with excitement, for he knew that capturing the dinosaur would make him rich because he had caught one before (which was presumably Rexy's father). McDundee and his gang kidnap Angel and attempts to force out of her the whereabouts of the rare dinosaur, even going as far as offering to split the profit with her. McDundee throws Angel's purse to some crocodiles, fooling the local Rangers into thinking that Angel was eaten.

Meanwhile, the orphaned boy Angel freed in the trap sends a message to Okinawa to Cobra Bubbles and Stitch and Yuna and Jumba and Pleakley are assigned to the mission.

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