FAN FIC Stitch Ohana Jam is a multiplayer rhythm video game for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 (Compatible with Kinect), and Playstation 3 (Compatible with Playstation Move). It is a sequel to Stitch Jam which is for the Nintendo DS. The game is focused on multiplayer and is not as simple as the original DS title, meaning the players put more effort into playing and the stages are longer, taking 4-6 mintues each to beat instead of 1-3 minutes. Each game also features a playable geust star character with their own world to play, these are Mario for Wii, Ratchet for PS3, and Banjo for 360


Stitch, Angle, Sparky, and Felix take a stroll through the beach and later find out that Hamsterviel abducted Jumba for him to make evil experiments for the evil space hamster to use to get his long needed revenge on Stitch and Co. The experiments follow the ship and later go into Fantasia where they meet Sora who decides to help them sence he knows about Stitch before. Later they travel to one of the geust stars worlds, depending on the version

  • Wii: The party travels to the Mushrom Kingdom and meet Mario, who is taking a nap at Mushrom Forest.
  • PS3: They go to the Solana Galaxy and meet Ratchet, who is taking a solo vacation at Pokitaru.
  • 360: The group ends up at Spiral Mountain and meets Banjo, who is practing soccer for some unkown reason.

After meeting the character, he joins the group. the party meets up with Reuben who was asked to keep them busy by making them go through some trials first. When they win he joins just to show them the way, when they reach Hamsterviel and Jumba, a new experiment is just born named XXX and fights the group. They win and they end up escaping with Jumba. They then take some group photos for each to have for themselves.


Arrow icons appear on screen and the player must mimic them with the remotes, their hands, or by flick the analog stick. The goal is to get through the stage without missing to many notes. Missing causes some skill to drain out of the player's Skill Meter, running out means losing the stage. Unlike the original DS title, you have extra tries (Starting with 3 and can get more every 250 notes hit) and no reducing chance of failure on stage, so players must be more reposible of their mistakes.

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