Main Characters

  • Stitch/The IncredibleLizard: He is a high school student. Bitten by a genetically altered lizard, Stitch donned a blue and green lizard costume and sought to fight crime after allowing a burglar to escape, only to have that same criminal. He learned that "with great power comes great responsibility", a phrase that now drives him to act as a super hero. He was similar to other heroes, like Spider Man and Batman. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.
  • Angel: She is a pink alien who was beautiful and intelligent Hungarian high school student and Stitch's love interest and girlfriend. Stitch is madly in love with her and she shares the same feeling. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz.
  • Sparky: Stitch's cousin and confidant. He is voiced by Jason Marsden.
  • Ace: Stitch's cousin and sidekick. He is voiced by Mike Pollock.


  • Leroy: He is the main villain; an evil loan shark, hot and shipyard agent who carries a machine gun. He is voiced by Rik Mayall.
  • The Beetlemaster: An insane alien mutated into a four-armed beetle/ant-like creature that possessed a bulletproof hide and could be launched like a projectile. He lived in sewers, send his ant minions, and eat candy bars. He resembles Odu-Bathax from Chaotic. He is voiced by Corey Burton, but his voice sounds similiar to Glenn Shadix.
  • Cyberclue: An insane, obese humanoid with two cyborg legs, and cybernatic back pack. His cyborg right arm that serves many purposes such as plasma cannon, pistol, and machine gun, his shards with containers of fluids that give him more energy, and his cyborg legs that give him more speed. He resembles the Cluemaster from Batman TV series. He is voiced by Corey Burton, but his voice sounds similiar to Glenn Shadix.