Main Characters

  • Stitch (voiced by Ben Diskin): The world's fastest and bravest hero and the main protagonist of the series. He has a blue racecar-like jeep to go faster. He also has Aquaphobia, being terrified of water as he cannot swim, but in the last episode, he has to learn how to swim so he is not afraid of water anymore. He has a crush on Angel.
  • Angel (voiced by Liza Ortiz): The royal princess of Kindness who is Stitch's love interest and girlfriend. Stitch is madly in love with her and she shares the same feeling. She wears a white elegant dress with blue ribbon.
  • Golem (voiced by Stephen Furst): Golem is a robotic golem who speaks fluent English with a hint of the southern Australian accent. He is a former janitor from the agricultural planet of Robotix. He is in awe of Stitch and has encyclopedic knowledge of his prior adventures. He resembles a Majar, a giant rock monster from Chaotic, the TV series (Borth-Majar).
  • Rex (voiced by Jaleel White): Rex is a small red, reptilian dragon/dinosaur-like creature who is cool and harkworking friend of Stitch.

Secondary Characters

  • King Kiraxar(voiced by Kenneth Mars): The humanoid lion King of Kindness who is the father of Angel. His character has many allies, including the Oracle of Elements, and Battlemaster Tackles.
  • Oracle of Elements (voiced by Mike Pollock): The odd, smart, green, shapeshifting, reptilian troll with primate/frog-like features who has mastered the use of all Elements.
  • Battlemaster Tackles (voiced by Mike Pollock): The smart, gold-brown, bipedal lizard warrior with dragon-like horns who wears a blue cloak and lives in his desert-like homeland.


  • Leroy (voiced by Wally Wingert): The ruler of the UnderWorld who wears a black European uniform with a red cape. He seeks to marry Angel and takes over the world. He assumes his true form: a giant red, muscular, reptilian, demonic, monstrous, dinosaur-like creature version of himself that resembles Chaor from Chaotic. Leroy's advisor includes Reloy, and minions include Scorpio, Kanine, and Lizord.
  • Reloy (voiced by Dorian Harewood in the first appearance, and John DiMaggio in the second appearance): A green lizard/crocodile-like alien who is an advisor to Leroy.
  • Scorpio (voiced by Wayne Grayson): One of Leroy's bounty hunters. A cunning scorpion with lobster-like claws leads the bumbling Kanine, and Lizord about on missions to capture the heroes.
  • Kanine (voiced by Peter Wilds): One of Leroy's bounty hunters. Kanine is a huge, almost ludicrously muscle-bound blonde werewolf with the British accent.
  • Lizord (voiced by Jim Cummings): One of Leroy's bounty hunters. Lizord is a crocodilian-faced lizardman with the southern accent.