Stitch is sponsoring the grand opening of the "Mini-Land" amusement park, with his guest of honor Angel. Twang (in monster form) is among the crowd witnessing the opening when he notices Angel. Twang becomes infatuated with her at first sight and offers her a Mini-Twang toy as a token of his affection, while at the same time Stitch presents her with a Mini-Stitch toy. Angel ignores the Mini-Twang toy, taking the Mini-Stitch toy instead. This infuriates Twang, who grabs Angel and storms off with her into the elevator, going up to the roof of the amusement park. Stitch, unable to follow, sends the Mini-Stitchs in a small entrance to save Angel.


  • Stitch
  • Angel
  • Twang (in the monster form)
  • Mini-Stitch
  • Mini-Angel
  • Mini-Yuna
  • Mini-Jumba
  • Mini-Pleakley
  • Mini-Twang