The show sets in New Orleans of 1920s. The stars, Stitch, his girlfriend, Angel, and Jumba (as Uncle Tom). On the road, Jumba drives Angel toward the boat by motorcar. The scene shifts to Stitch the riverboat sailor in a sequence reminiscent of Popeye the Sailor and Steamboat Willie. Angel joins the frolicking steamboat passengers and reunites with her boyfriend, but during the revelry, Stitch accidentally throws water from the bucket onto the pegleg Metro reminiscent of Peg-Leg Pete, the captain, making him angry. Stitch hurriedly cleans the floor with his mop, meanwhile Metro sees Angel, and flirts with her. Stitch, distracted by Angel, accidentally drops the water on Metro, who literally shouts out the words "Blankety blank!"

However Stitch falls overboard. Stitch has a run in with an alligator, but he makes it back to the boat. Just then it is noon and an anthropomorphic steam whistle sounds "Lunch!! Lunch!! ..." Stitch settles down to eat a turkey sandwich, but it is stolen by Metro. Angel offers to give him a box lunch for free (with "hamburger, and shrimps, and a huckleberry pie"). Meanwhile, Jumba's donkey bucks him into a cemetery. There, in a variation on a stock gag featuring Jumba, he is scared by three dancing skeletons reminiscent of those in Disney's 1929 short The Skeleton Dance. Tom escapes to the middle of the river, but a shoddy boat leaves him stranded and drowning. As Mickey is eating the lunch, he saves the day but not before Metro kidnaps his porcine paramour from above with a crane.

Stitch chases after Metro, and finally wrestles with him high up on the riverboat. Jumba grabs a pan of red-hot rivets and drops them down Metro's pants. This gives the aliens enough time to run away as Metro pours water down his pants.

In the process of chasing Stitch, Angel, and Jumba, Metro uses the rope to swing down and kidnap