Taro is Yuna's karate student and classmate in the Stitch! anime series. He is Yuna's other friend besides Sae/Sasha.


He often has trouble keeping up with his studies at school, especially martial arts. In the episode "Onigiri Reuben", Taro is shown to not like eating healthy food, which would give him the needed strength to win the black belt competition. However, when Reuben drops by for a visit, he makes rice balls with secret food in it so Taro can win the competition. Taro discovers he likes the rice balls, and successfully wins the black belt as a result. When Taro later finds out what the rice balls really contain, it doesn't faze him at all, and he even asks for more.

He is voiced by Stephanie Sheh in the English dub version.


  • In the episode "Stitch's Singing Pride", Taro has been shown blushing around Yuna upon asking her to sing with him in Izayoi Island's singing contest. It is unknown if this is just him being overtly shy or if this hints a secret crush, though it is up to speculation.

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