Truxx is the fifth experiment created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba with Dr. Hamsterveil's funding. A red and black remote controller off-road and vehicle/box-like experiment with four legs and cannonball (520)-like nose. Designed to be Jumba's personal table/lab experiment mover. His pod was activated near a moving van, not in Hawaii, but in Georgia. Mistooken for an RC rover, he was moved to Kauaii, escaped when the family wasn't looking and eventually found his way to the Pelekai's garage. Found by Stitch, he was named Truxx, after the red paint job on his body. Meanwhile, back at Gantu's ship, he and 625 created a machine of their own. The Shoover; part mover, part shaker. It was also great for catching experiments (this was after the 627 episode). This device captured 005 on the dot thanks to it's "trog seeking radar", and took him to Gantu's ship. However, Gantu didn't count that Truxx would leave an oil slick, letting Stitch track them. After being rescued, Lilo discovers that Truxx is great for serving pizzas. Now his one true place is as a waiter at Mackie Macaw's Pizza Parlor.

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