Venom resembles an exact duplicate of Stitch with dark red fur, spiky ears, yellow teeth, sharp antennae, three bent spines on his back, a stubby tail, and a slightly deeper voice as well as two extra, retractable arms and retractable claws on his front paws. In his first form, he still looks alot like Stitch, but had crimson red skin, and beaming yellow reptilian eyes, green teeth, a long, snake-like tongue, and a long, reptilian tail that drags on the ground. In his second form, Venom was much bigger than Stitch and his face has a beaming green reptilian eyes and teeth, and black nose. He had a long, reptilian tail with a spikes on the tip, and had an armor of a centipede, and the body structure of a Tyrannosaurus and could curl into a ball for protection. His colors consisted of most red, and green, and the tip of his claws had a flaming tone of orange. His head also sported black scars, which were also seen under his mouth. With his transformation, he gained green wings for flight that can fold in at will.

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